Leaders Factor Keynote

Client Services | by Thomas Bookhamer

Course description

The Keynote is designed to raise the awareness, desire, and importance of leadership in your organization.

Three topics

  • Raising Your Leadership Ability
  • What is Leadership?
  • Introduction to the Leadership Awareness Game

  • Executives, Managers, Directors, C-Suite, Coaches, Team Leaders
  • Anyone interested in becoming more effective in either their professional or personal life
  • Agile Adoption -
    • Agile Coaches, Release Train Engineers, Scrum Masters
  • Change Agents

The Leaders Factor is dedicated raising your leadership ability. Our focus is to come along side of you on a journey to aligning your leadership ability with the way you get work done to reach your full potential. In these courses together we will raise your awareness and desire to jump-start your journey to sustainable and continuous improvement by raising your leadership ability.

Thomas Bookhamer
Thomas Bookhamer

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