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Have you ever asked yourself how your leadership ability affects the way you get work done? How about within your organization? Have you reached your full potential? Do you feel like something is missing? Do you want to be more effective with greater influence? How can you better connect with those you work with?

AGILE ADOPTION - You may even be engaged in an Agile Adoption at your organization and asking yourself if you are reaching the potential as advertised. Are you providing the level of leadership to enable your teams to reach their potential. Is your organization buying into the vision ... or, do they need to buy into you as a leader first? Do your staff members need to move from Managers to Leaders? Do your directors have actionable items prioritized to serve their teams success. An Agile Mindset is the key to BEING agile, resulting in sustainable agility manifested through people, not process.

This course is designed to start you on your journey to Raising Your Leadership Ability resulting in sustainable agility. Together we will explore the alignment of leadership ability and the way we get work done (process) in order to reach our full potential and sustainable growth.

LEADERS FACTOR - Aligning Leadership Ability and The Way We Get Work Done (Process)

  • How to Start Raising Your Leadership Ability
    • Leaders Factor
    • What Is Leadership?
    • Keynote
    • Leadership Awareness Game
    • You Have a Voice
    • Leadership Assessment
    • Leadership Alignment Event
  • Leaders Factor EDU - Online Course Series
    • Influence
    • Communications
    • Team
    • Intentionality

  • Executives, Managers, Directors, C-Suite, Coaches, Team Leaders
  • Anyone interested in becoming more effective in either their professional or personal life
  • Agile Adoption -
    • Agile Coaches, Release Train Engineers, Scrum Masters
  • Change Agents

The Leaders Factor is dedicated raising your leadership ability. Our focus is to come alongside you on a journey to aligning your leadership ability with the way you get work done to reach your full potential. In these courses together we will raise your awareness and desire to jump-start your journey to sustainable and continuous improvement by raising your leadership ability.

Thomas Bookhamer
Thomas Bookhamer

Course Curriculum

Leadership Alignment - Aligning Leadership Ability with The Way We Get Work Done
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Leaders Factor
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What Is Leadership?
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Keynote Event
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Leadership Awareness Game
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Leaders Factor EDU
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